Subscription Information

APHA - Magazines

Subscriptions to The Alaska Professional Hunter Association Magazine can be obtained by purchasing any one of the memberships available. Magazines can be purchased individually for $4.95 each for Spring, Summer and Fall Issues. Convention issues can be purchased for $5.95 each. (There is and additional $1.00 processing fee added to your payment amount to cover credit card processing fees.)

Ad Specifications

Professional members receive a 20% discount off of advertising.

Advertising Specifications: Adobe InDesign files are preferred and recommended with all links embedded and all fonts included. Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .eps, and PDF (.pdf) files are also acceptable. Please ensure that all files are set to the CMYK colorspace. Hardcopy proofs should also be sent to our office. We will supply a hardcopy proof to you if you use our ad design and typesetting service.

For Information About Ad Sales

Call the Alaska Professional Hunters Association at 907-929-0619 or send email to

Advertising Rates & Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in purchasing an ad in The Alaska Professional Hunter Association magazine, please see the table below. If you need assistance in revising your advertisement or need assistance creating an advertisement and would like our help, please contact the office and we will put you in touch with our graphic designer.